Cat House Training Tips

Cat House Training TipsThey are playful, energetic, adorable, and they mesmerize us with their cute eyes. Kittens are irresistible and do not seem much of a problem, until they make your home, theirs.
With proper training, most of your kitten’s unacceptable behaviour problems can be changed. Jumping up on the dining room table, sharpening their claws on new furniture, scratching your windows, biting, or chewing are all behaviours that can be altered and/or eliminated. All you have to do is think like a kitten and find ways to divert the annoying habits.

Cats are hunters, even the domesticated ones. They like to chase anything that moves, from feet underneath a bed sheet to birds, mice, rabbits, spiders, or other insects. They are not afraid of heights and will do anything to get to their prey, even attempt to get to the highest place in the house. Because cats can misjudge their capabilities, many injuries will come from your feline trying to get to, or away from, these elevated observation towers. If your cat has that particular adventurous streak and seeks out wall shelving, the top of your fridge, or any other high spot, make sure that it has a safe way to get there, or that you somehow block that area off.
When cats urinate on the carpet, it may be because their litter box is wrong. Which litter box will work for your cats is hard to say, as to them size and shape do matter. You see, not all litter boxes are created equal, and come in styles ranging from simple and rectangular to complicated, and the more expensive drainage boxes. A lot of cats do well with a traditional rectangular model, unless they tend to kick litter out of the box. In that case, experts recommend a model with an add-on frame or lip that will catch the flying debris. If you use clumping litter, consider an oval shaped box. With corners lacking, no litter will stick and thus avoiding stinky and unhealthy urine build-up.
Saving money is usually a good trade, but when buying cheap cat litter, it may actually backfire. If your cat does not like the texture or smell of the product you so lovingly bought, be prepared to clean up some ugly messes around your home. Dusty cat litter is also bad for your cat’s health and may cause breathing problems.
Active and curious cats need toys to play with, especially if they are kept solely inside. Many great toys can be ordered online, or bought at the supermarket, or pet stores. Scratching posts and pads may also be a great way to entertain your cats, as well as help them take care of their nails. Although it may seem like a daunting task at first, trimming your feline’s claws regularly is an important part of its hygiene maintenance. Some owners will choose to have their pets declawed, which is not always recommended, as it will lessen an outdoor cat’s defense capability against other animals.
Changing the bad habits of a mature cat, compared to a kitten, is more difficult but can be done, especially if you take the time to learn about your cat’s instincts, behavior and needs.