Ways of redcuing electricity consumption at home and office

Ways of redcuing electricity consumption at home and office

In the 21st century, there have several energy saving movements with which they are trying to create awareness to all people all over the world to be environmentally conscious. Also, environmentally mindful people often seek ways and means of minimizing energy consumption and preserve natural resources in wherever they are especially in the offices and homes. Saving energy goes in hand with lowering electricity bills in the long run. The following tips can be applied in offices and homes to conserve the energy consumption.

With the recent developments in technology, there have been inventions of the energy saving equipment which are to be used in offices and homes. These include the personal computers, TV sets, printers, solar panels, copy machines, or fax machines. All these machines come with Energy Star stickers indicating that they are energy saving compliant. It has been established that Energy Star machines saves at least 72 percent of energy when compared with those machines without the same designation. Therefore, these machines should be widely used in offices and homes.

Sometimes a lot of energy is wasted by office and home equipment when they are on yet they are not in use at all. It is suggested that all equipment should be switched of rather than keeping them in a screensaver mode, which in most circumstances consume significant amount of energy. Therefore, all equipment both in offices and homes should be unplugged because they consume power too when they are turned off.

In a home, electricity is widely wasted and abused in the kitchen area. Some appliances use a lot energy when not clean and not functioning properly. Moreover, appliances such as microwave are better than a stove when warming the food because not entire room will be heated as is the case by using a stove. Therefore, all kitchen appliances should be clean and correctly functioning with keen attention on small appliances as they are prone to be overlooked when they are on thus consuming a lot of energy in the long run.

For lighting purposes in an office or home, it is recommended that when there is sufficient natural light, no need of using electricity for lighting. On the other hand, there are more advanced LED light bulbs which consumes a tenth of what a traditional electricity bulb can consume. By using modern energy saving light saving options, a lot of energy shall be saved which translates to less electricity bills in the long run.

During the times of winter and summer, more energy is consumed both in offices and homes so as to provide heat and cooling purposes respectively. However, more energy is wasted by energy regulating equipment when there are air leaks both in the roof or walls. To reduce the amount of energy consumption, it is recommended that all homes and offices be constructed using the insulating materials so as to regulate the indoor temperatures and at the same time keep off the outdoor temperatures. This will eventually lower the amount of energy consumption by the equipment.
Finally, it is worth to use modern energy-efficient laptops instead of the old desktops which are known to consume a lot of power. These Ways of reducing electricity consumption at home and office are both used in offices for office work and at homes by kids when playing their favorite computer games. Laptop consumes energy at least a third of what a desktop consumes and therefore it helps a lot in the energy saving efforts in the long run.