Going green with irrigation

There are many ways to go green in today’s world, however, very few of them actually produce anything that actually looks green. Automatic Irrigation Systems not only will help you go green by reducing the amount of water waste that comes with manually watering your yard, but it also literally makes your yard green. There are some things to look for and be weary of when considering your options for irrigation installation, so don’t just jump at the first chance to have it installed. There are many companies that offer their services that will get the job done quick and be out of your hair in no time, but in the long run it will end up costing you much more in repairs and heartache.

Think of how much time you spend each day out in your yard with a hose. Sometimes it might be a peaceful time where you can let your mind wander and enjoy the fresh air. Other times it can be an absolute pain to have to go outside after you get home from work, hold a hose and in your frustration not even get the lawn watered evenly. With an automatic irrigation system, the irrigation specialist adjusts each sprinkler head and nozzle to reduce water waste and get even coverage on your yard. No more rivers flowing over your sidewalks going to the storm drains, and no more squishy spots in your yard from over saturation. There are also low flow options when doing your shrubs and plants, such as drip systems. These generally allow a small amount of water to seep out of a hose and saturate the ground around your plants without spraying water directly on them. Be sure to ask your irrigation specialist about this option if you have plants that require no direct spray.

Saving time and money is also another way that automatic irrigation systems help you go green. When you have more money you can afford some of the other green items that might have seemed to costly before, such as energy efficient light bulbs or solar paneling. The time you save yourself by having the automated assurance will allow you to spend more time outside enjoying your green yard. More time outside equals less time inside watching television, which in turn saves you on your electric bill. So before you think that irrigation is too expensive, remember the benefits that will come from going green with your yard.

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