Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

Imagine being nestled into your home on a cold or stormy day. “Snug as a bug in a Rug”, they say. ‘Ahhh, there’s nothing like the warmth of being home, happy, healthy and fine.

BUT, what if you suffer from allergies, or other chronic ailments, with no relief in sight? Look no further than the walls which surround you. It’s time to seriously consider the basic elements that sustain the very essence of life; and how they translate into a healthy, home environment.

Water – Indoors and out.
It sustains life. What is the source of your own drinking water? What is leaching into that water? From farmlands to plastic bottles, we all have to look at this most serious concern. It should be your No.1 consideration. How clean is your drinking water? How old is your plumbing? Learn about the health effects, and take action to make changes in ‘your own back yard’.

What is it filled with? Dust, Second-hand Smoke, Heat exhaust, Wood smoke, Gas fumes, industrial pollutants ‘off-gassing’ from cleaning supplies, new carpets, synthetic products, and agricultural chemicals, to name a few. Is your home hermetically sealed, without room for air to move, expand, or be replenished with clean, H2o?

Household Furnishings
How healthy is your furniture? Not a crazy question at all. Once again, think of the ‘off-gassing’ from fibers that have been chemically treated. Your leather sofa is a good place to start, as well as carpeting. Your bed and mattress could also challenge your health, with the same chemicals that were used to protect the interior of your new car.
The effects are accumulative, and one day, your perfect health could suddenly turn into
a big question mark. Act now and think Clean and Green!