How To Decorate a Wall with Picture Frames

How To Decorate a Wall with Picture Frames

Using picture frames in various sizes is an inexpensive way to decorate a large wall and turn it into your own personal gallery. Here are tips to decorate a wall in your home with picture frames.

Start by visually inspecting the wall to figure out how many picture frames you will need and the different sizes you might want. This is a great project to do in phases until you have filled the wall!

Gather the following:

  • Picture frames in different sizes. Ikea, Target or vintage stores are great places to look.
  • Pictures you would like to frame. If you don’t have pictures, try a coffee table book with professional photos of nature or that express your personality and hobbies.
  • Paper cutter, recommended for cutting out photos instead of using scissors.
  • Tape to secure pictures onto the back panel before you slide them back into the frame.
  • Power drill and masonry nails.


  • Black frames are popular because they fit most design categories and color schemes. They also make your photos pop.
  • Sort through the pictures you have chosen. Use the paper cutter to cut out pictures from your coffee table book. Use the back panel inside the picture frame to guide the size and placement of the pictures.
  • Use a table or floor to lay out the finished picture frames. Visualize how you want to place each of them on the wall.
  • Play with the layout. Mix different sized frames to create an eclectic mosaic of your pictures.
  • Arrange light and dark pictures next to each other for variety.
  • Use your drill to secure nails into the wall. Once they are secure, start to put your pictures up and arrange them.

When you are finished, you’ve created a beautiful conversation piece you will be proud to show your guests!