Prepare a Relaxing Bath

Prepare a Relaxing Bath

After a stressful day at work, many people want to unwind in the bath. The properly designed bathing area is a cocoon of warmth and a respite from the surrounding world. Creating a bathing area that instantly elicits the feelings of relaxation and harmony may seem difficult. However, after choosing the bathtub, the materials and design for the walls surrounding the tub is the place to start.

Either in the center of the room or where the bather’s eye would naturally fall, a mosaic could set the initial tone. While this may seem extraordinary or out of reach, there are many mosaics available already designed and ready to be shipped. Perhaps a beautiful mermaid swimming or a dolphin jumping would help a person to relax. If the desired design isn’t available, a local artist could be commissioned.

Warm and soothing colors help to create a dreamy, otherworldly atmosphere. Using mosaic tiles in the bathroom creates a beautiful look. The tiles are small, so a subtle color gradation can be achieved by slightly changing each tiles color. Intermixing colors in the same family is also very interesting to the eye and relaxing.

Using glass mosaic tiles is another way to create mood in the bathroom. Glass tiles have a deeper more vibrant color to offer to the eye. Theses tiles would be beautiful making up the entire wall, or as an accent interspersed between ceramic tile pieces. Glass tiles are also available in recycled materials.

Taking the time to choose the tile in the bathroom can make a big difference in the long run. The bathing area should be more than just functional. It is also a place to become revived and refreshed. The right tiles can invite the user to come in and rest awhile.