Protect your home against burglary

There is a famous English statement that says your home is your castle. Your home is where you want to enjoy your privacy. Burglary in your home can never be ruled out entirely, but there are several ways for potential intruders to the indomitable courage and your safety.
It is believed that burglars usually need up to five minutes for a break. Thirty seconds to get into a house, four minutes to find and collect loot and another thirty seconds to leave the house. So the more you make breaking itself difficult for them, the more they would hesitate to actually enter the house.

Make sure your home and your front door are not hidden behind a high, dense hedge, for example. Remember, for example, the vegetation in your front yard should be reduced, so your house is clearly visible. This increases social control and will discourage burglars a possible burglary.
Place so-called terror lights. These are lights that will go on whenever they detect a movement around the house. The burglar is put out of his concentration and will start wondering if maybe there really is someone in the house.

An additional way to make break the more difficult is to place safety locks with cylinders at several points connected with the wall. This will make the break technically more difficult. Make certain that you do it to every outside door because burglars go straight to find the weakest spot in the home security.
Remember to install an alarm system which is connected to an emergency room. If there is any suspicious movements, it will call the emergency room on a series of phone numbers. If the central station telephone numbers can’t reach nobody, they will automatically call the police.

Make sure you are not inviting the burglar by always leaving your home. Therefore avoid routine and never let know that you’re not home. Potential burglars look for certain habits of householders and they can make notes. Try to confuse the potential intruder and leave your house in different times during the week and weekends.
As long you are away, make sure you do not leave marks. Have someone to empty your mail box. Make sure that your lawn such trustee or the shutters open and close occasionally.