Property Investment

Many people think about property investment at some point in their lives. Here are six simple steps to follow and your property investment questions will be over.


It is vital to list all your assets, income and expenses; this will aid giving you an idea of own much money is left for investment. Many people make a mistake of thinking they can invest so long as they have a job; however, this is not the case as the expenses may be way over their income.

Obtaining pre-approval

As an investor, you can get a pre-approval from a trusted mortgage broker or lender. Using the broker during pre-approval application is vital if you are sure of the time to invest. Many investment firms encourage the investors not to apply for multiple pre approvals. The reason behind this is that anytime you send an application the lender will check the credit record and if multiple inquiries are seen it will raise eyebrows and the application maybe denied.

Set goals

Property investors would like to secure their financial future, so it is important to articulate all the goals to avoid any difficulty. It is crucial to set deadline of when to achieve the goals.

Understand the risks involved

Understanding the risks involved in investing and getting the loan or credit from mortgage firms is crucial. The risk profile will aid in the creation of a strategy to counter the risk in case they occur.


Budgeting is something simple yet so important, maintaining a balance between the expenses and income. This is crucial in ensuring that the debts are paid and maintain a god credit record with the brokers.

Purchase plan

Purchase plan allows you to achieve your goals and maintain balance an example of purchase plan include defining a strategy, setting a criteria and keeping the strategy to the latter.