The jewel in the bathroom

bath-tubThanks to modern lifestyle and contemporary luxurious design elements, a sanitary bathroom is becoming one of the primary units when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. It experiments with wide selection of ceramics, various forms of sanitation, new technologies. Sanitary fittings are a great challenge for designers that their form is converted into a sculpture …

Compared with the current trends on the line when in the past were simpler forms, made ​​of primitive materials, in accordance with the needs and capabilities of the then man, with a focus on the purpose and function. Aesthetics, sanitation elements are not always given great importance, as opposed to other pieces in the furniture were of a home. Today we see the dominant forms, modern materials and multi-function sanitary elements. Sometimes when representing an element with the express intention, and today is a multi-element funkcijalni dominated, turning the bathroom into a small home SPA zone. If it is in terms of flexibility and ”soft” mosaic may be compared with a set of sparkling fabric that can monitor forms of architecture, now more than ever he can to become a suit for items that are in the architecture of your daily stage.

The latest innovation of dynamic production Sicis is bath tub covered with a precious collection of colored cubes, creating an autonomous object that is no longer limited to bathrooms as a place with a purpose. In fact, it could be located anywhere: in the living room … even in the garden. It is a subject – sculpture. Beautiful to look at, pleasant to use. Its shape emphasizes the preciousness and elegance of a noble and retro style, which fully corresponds Sicis mosaic in its infinite chromatic possibilities. Often, one decor – be it geometrical, floral or stylized – breaks the reflective surface, creating a note of unity that rises through dialogue detail: the legs in the shape of a lion’s paw, rounded edges, the shape of the tub.

However, modern is not turned off when the simple geometric shapes, where the decor of mosaic is the perfect surface to be tried sign language and bold colors. The last member of the collection, when Audrey in the form of shoes with heels, design Massimiliano Della Monaca, is a common and easy when you have a strong case for the arrangement of ”personality”. Its form – an elegant pump high heels dizzy height (165cm) – receive the body in its comfortable interior, while the height of waterfall massages your shoulders … When you look at it, remember the fantastic evening shoes for Barbie …!