Warm Home

We all work very hard to keep our homes comfortable in the winter months. With the high cost of heating oil’ at times that can seem extremely difficult. During the winter, the coldest time of the year it is very important that you maintain a healthy body temperature. If your home is not heated properly it is difficult to function normally or keep your body temperature regulated. Sniffles are easier to catch and tremendously difficult to get rid of when your home is improperly heated. It is hard to stay healthy when you do not have the proper heat in your home. A poorly heated home can be a very stressful place. There are certain illnesses that a house without enough heat will aggravate.

Being cold and not being able to get warm can make you feel ill and irritable. Having a home that is drafty and that lacks the ability to hold heat can cause major health problems. Placing weather stripping around doors and windows will help keep cold air out and the heat in. Nothing robs your home of heat the way cold air does. Using heavier curtain material for windows will help to keep your home warmer if you cannot afford insulated windows and use rugs on cold floors. Using space heaters in the areas you use on a regular basis will help keep your home more comfortable.

Close off sections of your home that you are not using in order to conserve your heat, and to make the section of the home that you are using warmer. A number of fires are caused during the winter months by people trying to keep their homes warm with faulty heaters which clearly are health hazards so make sure you check your plugs and wires. You want to maintain a warm home, but you want to keep safe.